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I am Dre Nichols- Everett, the Owner of D3 Boot Camp, and I understand what it’s like to have a deep desire to lose weight and create an active lifestyle. I struggled for years as a person who would start-get frustrated-stop and then start again. I found myself repeating the same goal stunting habits over and over again. I tried and failed on too many exercise fads and silly diets which only seemed to work temporarily but never produced long-term sustainable results. I was demoralized repeatedly until I realized I needed to deal with my own self-sabotage and create a new story for myself--and that is what I did--and you can too!  

I know the struggle of wanting to get to YOUR real after shot. And that is exactly why I created solutions for real people, just like you.  

D3 teaches the PROCESS of consistency. D3 teaches the PROCESS of how to develop the habits needed to attain and maintain your goals.  

So, get started now with a free class!  

Dre, The Exercise Habit Coach 

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I first came to D3 as a member in 2009, and started instructing in 2011 when Dre invited me to join the incredible D3 Boot Camp Team. I have had the pleasure of training hundreds of members who have been part of the D3 family. I believe exercise is fundamental to living a well-balanced life, and truly enjoys helping people achieve their fitness goals. 

In my classes, you can expect a lot of challenges and even more fun. I strive to motivate every participant to unlock their physical potential.  

Credentials Primary Group Exercise Fitness Certification, AFFA Primary Personal Training Certification, FiTour Primary Kickboxing Certification, FiTour Boogie Bounce Certification, Boogie Bounce Extreme CPR Certification  


I am a vegan certified group fitness trainer, following a plant-based diet. I became a group fitness instructor at D3 Boot Camp, LLC. in 2011, after being a member of the boutique gym for four years. 

I maintain a personal vigorous fitness regimen which includes strength training, cardio, cycling, and yoga. 

Credentials: Personal Training Certification, FiTour Fitness Certification, FiTour CPR Certification  



I am the newest Drill Diva to join D3. I am full of energy and I just love my job!

I became a member of D3 in winter of 2015, and immediately fell in love with the exciting atmosphere, inspiring trainers, and supportive members that shaped each class. I worked through every Weight Loss and Education Challenge at D3, including the grueling "Baddest Body Ever" program--twice! 

Once I lost over 75 pounds at D3, it was time for me to fulfill a dream. I became a certified group fitness instructor in 2017. Dreamed fulfilled!

I credit Dre, Jemila, Jan, and the incredible body of D3 members for always keeping me on track, and I believe that fitness should be about an all-around fulfilling lifestyle that does not equate happiness with a pants size.

 Credentials: Group Fitness Certified, AFAA SLObody YogaCertification, CPR Certification