Whether your fitness level is beginner, intermediate, or advanced--we all, at some point or another, have dealt with consistency issues when it comes to losing weight and creating a healthy lifestyle.  

So, what if you could LEARN how to be consistent, stop procrastinating (yes, we all do it), and actually enjoy the process of losing weight and getting fit?  

Do you think that just might be a game changer for you?  

Well, we know it is!  

D3 specializes in teaching you how to create a lifestyle so you can finally reach your goals and get off that frustrating Inconsistency Train and get to your AFTER!

That's what we do. 


Group Fitness Classes For All Levels

Partner Training 

Small Group Training

Special Occasion Fitness Classes (Bridal Shower Workouts, Birthday Workouts, etc.)

Nutrition Consulting /Monitoring

Cognitive Mindset Coaching

Rapid Weight Loss Programs/Challenges

Consistency Coaching/Accountability Programs

Psych K Balances For Limiting Beliefs

Tiny Habit Coaching (Habit Change Coaching)

Run Club