FORMAL EDUCATION: University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Va. 1989-1993- BA
MEMBERSHIPS: Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc., BOSS Network
  • NDEITA Group Fitness Certified  1999-2001
  • AFAA Group Fitness Certified  2001-Present
  • Dragon Door Hardstyle Kettlebell Certification (HKC)
  • Dragon Door Russian Kettlebell Certification (RKC) (2011-2013)
  • NESTA Personal Fitness Trainer Certification
  • Kettle Bell Concepts-Level 1 Kettle Bell Instructor
  • PiYo Strength Certification- Powder Blue
  • Turbo Kick Certification –Beach Body
  • Zumba Certification- Zumba (2010-2012)
  • Certified Heart Rate Performance Specialist-NESTA
  • Body Pump Certified- Les Mills
  • Certified Nutrition Coach- Venice Nutrition
  • Red Cross CPR and AED Certification
  • Body Works Certified
  • Cross Fit Level 1 Trainer- Cross Fit
  • Hip Hop Hustle Certification-Beach Body 
  • Pound Rockout Workout Pro Certification
  • Spin Certification Fitour
  • MOi Cycle Certified- MOi Cycle
  • Certified Spinning Instructor- Madd Dog Athletics
  • P90X- Beach Body
  • Boogie Bounce X’treme Master Trainer/Director of US Operations
  • Certified FitRanx Coach
  • Core De Force- Beach Body
Andrea "Dre" Nichols-Everett, The Exercise Habit Coach,  has quickly become one of the most prominent women in health and fitness in Chicago, IL. For more than sixteen years, Dre has inspired men, women, and children to make up their minds to get fit and stay fit by founding a group fitness boutique that helps her clients fall in love with exercise so they can make exercise a lifestyle  priority.
Dre was born in September 1971 in Blue Island, Illinois, but was raised on the east coast in Meriden, Connecticut.  She enjoyed an active childhood and was athletic in high school, participating in both volleyball and the dance team.  It was not until Dre began college in 1989 at the University of Virginia that she slowly began to gain weight. Poor eating habits coupled with an inactive lifestyle caused her to gain an extra 30 pounds by the time she graduated.
In 1998, she married the love of her life, Dwayne Everett, and although her personal life was wonderful, she continued to lead a physically inactive and nutritionally unhealthy lifestyle. Around this time, Dre was working as a Division Manager for a large staffing firm in Raleigh, NC. Due to a very strict focus on her career and long work nights, Dre continued to gain weight.
Dre always knew she needed to start a fitness program and become consistent with it.  Nevertheless, many times, she would start a program and then stop because she just didn’t quite understand that consistency plays a key role in being successful in losing weight and getting fit.  For example, after a few work-out sessions, if she did not see immediate weight loss, she would simply quit!
In April 1999, Dre felt that she had reached her “rock bottom” in trying to lose weight and get fit.  Her jeans size had increased by three sizes in less than a one year span!  Suddenly, she realized that she did not have the necessary tools required to follow through with a comprehensive fitness program.  Consequently, Dre started to research how she could become a consistent participant of exercise. Through her research, she created her own system of what “to do” and what “not to do” while trying to begin an exercise program.  Shortly after committing to her own program creation, she realized that if she focused on living a healthier lifestyle, instead of just losing weight, she could actually become consistent with her workouts. Once her mindset changed from “you must exercise to lose weight” to “you should exercise to feel better, live longer, and get more energy”, she was finally successful with an exercise routine, which she could do on a committed basis.  By setting the goal to simply “feel better and get more energy” through exercise, she was also rewarded with steady weight loss.
By the end of 1999, Dre had lost the 3 jeans sizes and decreased her body fat percentage by over 20% due to consistent cardiovascular and resistance training workouts.  Soon after this transformation, she realized that she truly enjoyed the way exercise made her feel and look and Dre decided to become a Certified Fitness Instructor. Immediately, she found part-time work as a step and kickboxing instructor at Gold’s Gym, CU Fitness, and the YMCA in Raleigh, NC. Because of her strong ability to motivate others to take their health and fitness seriously, Dre’s classes were always filled to capacity.
In 2000, Dre decided that she was no longer thriving or enjoying working in the staffing industry and felt she needed to change her career. She started a lucrative career in pharmaceutical sales working for both Johnson and Johnson for 3 years in Raleigh, NC and in 2003, she moved to Chicago and worked for Eli Lilly and Company for 4 years.  Dre never stopped teaching fitness classes part-time and continued to teach in several gyms in the Chicago-land area once she moved. Her classes continued to be filled to capacity, in Chicago, and her students seemed to enjoy her unique and creative fitness style.
In 2005, another life changing moment gave Dre’s life as a fitness coach and trainer a whole new meaning. Her mother was diagnosed with polycystic kidney disease and needed a donor with a healthy kidney.  Because of Dre’s health conscious lifestyle, she was the only member in her family healthy enough to donate a kidney to save her mother’s life. This experience motivated her to do more, and she wanted others to feel the same way.  That is, she wanted others to be able to donate a kidney to their loved ones, if necessary, because they were healthy enough to offer this gift of life. She longed to show others how they could live better, stronger, and happier lives.
In 2007, Dre was the #1 Executive Sales Representative in the country for two years in a row with Eli Lilly Pharmaceutical; however, she decided to walk in faith and create the life of her dreams by opening the doors to her first group fitness studio; D3: Dre’s Diesel Dome Fitness, LLC  AKA D3 Boot Camp in Chicago,IL.
Dre opened D3 in May of 2007 because she was sick of “typical” gyms. She wanted to offer an alternative to what gyms provided so that members would feel a sense of community, be positively motivated, and always feel supported.  D3 offers a variety of group fitness classes, weight loss transformation programs, and nutritional counseling. You can even learn how to make exercise a consistent habit at D3!  D3 welcomes all fitness levels because each workout is modified up or down to accommodate beginners all the way to advanced athletes.
D3: Dre’s Diesel Dome Fitness, LLC’s company tag line is: “Learn To Make Exercise A Priority,” and has become her personal and professional mantra to define her approach to health and fitness. Her true passion is to help people become consistent participants of exercise. She believes that only when a person truly makes up their mind to be healthy and fit, will they be able to successfully achieve and sustain their fitness goals.  Dre also believes that almost everyone wants to be able to workout consistently, but some either don’t know how to commit to a fitness program or just need help in making exercise a lifestyle habit.  For these reasons, in 2011 she decided to start The Exercise Habit Coach Programs, which are devoted to helping people make up their minds to get fit and STAY fit!
Initially, The Exercise Habit Coach programs were only available to members of her group fitness studio in Chicago, IL. However, in 2015, Dre decided it was time to start teaching the world how to make exercise a consistent habit, and also how to live a healthy, fulfilled, and happy life. The national launch of the online version of The Exercise Habit Coach programs began on Sept 8th, 2015.  The Exercise Habit Coach online version offers programs, courses, and supportive communities to people who are ready to start on the road to a healthy lifestyle through exercise, healthy nutrition, and wellness coaching. Now that The Exercise Habit Coach is online,  she can reach millions of people around the world and help them transform their lives.
Dre is currently The National Fitness Spokesperson for The American Heart Association, a position she takes pride in because of the life changing work this organization does in the community. She has been featured on ABC News, Fox 32, WGN, 190 North, Windy City Live, You & Me, N’Digo Magazine, WYCA radio, WVON 1690, WGCI, 1st Impressions Magazine, Jet Magazine, The Red Eye, Chicago Magazine, Ebony Magazine, and The Chicago Defender in 2 separate editions. In 2008 her unique fitness classes were voted the “Best Alternative Workout” in Chicago according to CitySearch.  In 2010, Dre was  nominated and received the honorable position of being one of the “TOP 25 WOMEN OF CHICAGO.” In 2012, Dre was accepted into the 3rd cohort of Goldman Sachs 10K Small Business Program where she received structured training on how to continue to build her businesses.  In March 2013, Dre received the “Outstanding Women in Health and Fitness Award” from Cook County.  In April 2013, she received “The 2013 Phenomenal Woman Award For Outstanding Achievement in Health” from The Black Women’s Expo.
If you would like more information about “Dre” Nichols-Everett or D3: Dre’s Diesel Dome Fitness, LLC visit: www.d3bootcamp.com
125 E 26TH ST
312-276-5138 EXT  10



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